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Verifsuite™ is a range of technology-enabled, outcome-based security services that radically changed how Governments and Businesses enjoy Security, Safety, and Essential services.

With a strong focus on results and outputs, Verifsuite™ consist of Enterprise, Access, Ops, Video and Robo, each designed to  resolve manpower issues and reduce costs in the long term, while enhancing security; in a Security-as-a-Service approach.

smart video alert, alarm verification, virtual security patrol, video analytics


During an actual alarm, our agents will inform authorities (e.g. police and/or ambulance) to ensure immediate response to the situation. Should it be a false alarm, no response will be needed, and the keyholder will be informed during the next working day.

Verifsuite™ Video

  • Verifsuite™ Video is perfect for companies operating 24/7, have large or multiple sites.
  • It is a smart video alert service that supplements the traditional use of manpower, allowing businesses to be more efficient and flexible.
  • Most importantly, Verifsuite™ Video operates on a Pay-As-You-Use model, resulting in low to no upfront cost, compared to the traditional purchase model.

How does it work?

  • In an event where there is an alarm, our Central Monitoring and Command Centre (CMCC) agents will visually verify the situation and take the appropriate action.
  • False alarms waste security resources. With video verification of alarms, incidents can be swiftly assessed and verified 24/7 by our CMCC. Security and operations managers can be quickly informed of the situation. Standard protocols can also be carried out with precision, thus eliminating “blind” activation to a site. This results in great efficiency plus time and cost savings.

VERIFSUITE Video Guard Tour

Another feature of Verifsuite™ Video is the Video Guard Tour where our agents do a computer-assisted video tour of the facility. By doing so, customers are able to reduce manpower dependence and human error, while enhancing accountability through an audit trail. Overall, this results in highly efficient operations.

centralized access control, mobile enabled, RFID, biometric systems

Verifsuite™ Access operates on a Pay- As-You-Use model with integrated warranty, support, and maintenance. Compared to the traditional model, Verifsuite™ Access significantly reduces total cost of ownership, improve ease-of-installation, and gives your business a new dimension in managing access security.

Verifsuite™ Access

  • Verifsuite™ Access is a managed access control solution designed for a mobile-centric and fast-moving world.
  • Designed to work with mobile devices and biometrics, it is also quick to install, and does not need any computer servers. Verifsuite™ Access is perfect for managing access, identities, and visitors in single or multiple sites.

Verifsuite™ Access can operate securely with various identification technologies. Remote access rights can be given or taken away with a swipe on the smartphone. Or if you prefer, based on your instructions to our 24-hour Central Monitoring and Command Center (CMCC).

Single or multiple sites, we have the access solution for you.

      • Issue access to your contractors anytime, anywhere.
      • Get the latest updates on your security systems anytime, anywhere.
      • Worry-free enrolment and blacklisting features give you peace of mind
      • No servers
      • Easy contact tracing
      • 24/7 command center support
      • Pay-As-You-Use

Verifsuite™ Ops

  • Verifsuite™ Ops is a customisable managed services programme that enhances efficiency in the delivery of essential services to buildings and the public.
  • Not only does Verifsuite™ Ops ensure things are running well, but it also takes care of prompt fault reporting, coordination, response, and ensure action plans are executed.
  • Our 24/7 Central Monitoring and Command Center (CMCC) will follow through the protocols as required, be it for a building or public services in Smart Cities.
Central monitoring & command centre, cmcc, outsourced security, managed security, security operations

Our 24/7 Central Monitoring and Command Center (CMCC) has over 30 years of operational experience monitoring and coordinating security, safety and essential services. Over 8,000 customers depend on us to watch out and support them when they need it most. Not just expensive to setup and operate, there are in-depth experiences that are incredibly hard to acquire. And you do not need to.

Verifsuite™ Ops Benefits

Managed Services

• CMCC provides 24/7 monitoring services
• No hardware ownership
• Integrated support and maintenance
• No need for in-house expertise

Predictive Maintenance and Fault Reporting

• Learn from historical performance of equipment
• Generate insights on an equipment’s performance
• Alerts customers before issues arise

Pay-As-You-Use model

• Low to no upfront cost
• Cost transparency

How does it work?

Security is a core part of business, but the pains of managing security isn’t. In the Verifsuite™ Enterprise model, all hardware and software are wholly managed and owned by us. There are no uncertainties on the scope or service level.
Corporate security only needs to focus on rolling out programs and scrutinizing the end result. No more chasing for support services or maintenance, addressing internal talent gaps, and certainly no more surprises on cost.

Verifsuite™ Enterprise

  • Verifsuite™ Enterprise is Ademco’s customizable Pay-As-You-Use program for Enterprise Security.
  • We will manage the system completely on a Pay- As-You-Use model. With integrated maintenance, support, and warranty for the full length of the contract, it is a truly hassle-free and seamless way to enjoy Enterprise Security.
  • Verifsuite™ Enterprise is perfect for progressive Global Companies and Large Local Enterprises.

The Approach


Analysing your needs:
• Business processes
• Risk assessment
• Facility Setup
• Understanding your wish list
• Tailoring solutions for you


• Implementing the solution
• Focusing on quality and long-term cost-effectiveness


• 24/7 response from our Central Monitoring and Command Centre (CMCC)
• Complete warranty and support*
• On-site deployment and response when needed

drone, security, navigation, sensor, wide area security, perimeter security

Flexible in deployment, MiDAS can be used for surveillance, patrolling, and first-responder assistance. The service can also be configured for autonomous applications in inspection, data-acquisition, and crisis communications, in both outdoor and indoor environments.

Verifsuite™ Robo​

  • Verifsuite™ Robo is a Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) programme that is ready to offer true autonomous robotic services for public and private security, warehousing, and inspection tasks.
  • Our MiDAS drone is a fully autonomous, multiscope robot that was co-developed in Belgium and Singapore. It is equipped with advanced Artificial Intelligence, superior navigation, and sensor technologies that is designed for safe and practical autonomous operation.


• Low-cost rapid regular inspections of facility at height
• Real-time, rapid, wide area patrol or security coverage of large area
• Augmentation of security guard services on ground
• Detection and verification of emergency situations
• First-responder assistance
• Warehousing

With Verifsuite™ Robo programme’s Pay-As-You-Use model, customers can onboard Ademco’s state-of-the-art security technologies with minimal expertise, without hardware ownership, while keeping capital expenses low.

Manpower Ground Robots Other Drones MiDAS
Efficiency Low High High High
Startup Cost Low Very High High Low
Use Flexibility Uncertain Low Varies High
Safety Uncertain High Varies High
Autonomous Low Low Varies High
Uptime Uncertain High High High
Operational Hours 6-8 hours 18-20 hours 23 hours 23 hours
Operational Speed Uncertain Slow Very Fast Very Fast
Weather Resistant Uncertain Limited Moderate Moderate

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